# Introduction

Following are links to 120+ remote viewing sites - research, sessions, videos, forums, reports, observations, targets, tools and training. Two great resource sites are Tenthousandroads (TKR) (opens new window) and Daz Smith's revised and expanded remoteviewed.com (opens new window). For an overview of the field see Daz's Visual Map of Remote Viewing History (opens new window)

Remote viewing is a form of "psi" and is a genuine phenomenon. It is not yet a science, because there is no acknowledged theoretical framework to explain it. However, many scientific experiments to explore it have been carried out (see Articles and Papers @ IRVA.org (opens new window)).

There are three main methods of RV: a) simple / natural RV as practiced and recommended by RV pioneers Joe McMoneagle, Stephan Schwartz and Russell Targ; b) Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) and offshoots (e.g. TDRV, SRV, TRV) also known as "method viewing", which is practiced by the majority of people active in the field. Ingo Swann, the "Father of Remote Viewing" used a natural method himself, but was also the primary developer of CRV. c) Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), RV done in a state of extreme relaxation. Some viewers combine CRV and ERV. (For a discussion of the distinction between protocol and method see: RV Protocol (opens new window)).

If you are new to the field, the two largest FB sites and the Remote Viewing subreddit/discord are good places to begin (see online communities). If you are looking for organizations, check out the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) (opens new window) and the Applied Precognition Project (APP) (opens new window).

"For remote viewing to have a more positive influence on our future, it must be found useful at the grass roots level where goal oriented individuals can perceive its applications for the common good. Only those individuals who have made some effort to understand it as a personal experience will be in a position to comprehend more fully the potential of it. They are the advanced thinkers who will redefine the boundaries of consciousness." - Ingo Swann

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