# Examples of Remote Viewing

# Video Demonstrations

In these examples: the viewer does not know what/where the target is (depending on the specific case). Viewer is given only an arbitrary reference number. Viewer is not with and during the session has no phone or other access to anyone who knows what/where the target is. The target is confirmable and full feedback is given. Some consider remote viewing to be only viewing that is done under double-blind conditions like these.

In the following examples, one or more of the above conditions is not met or the full circumstances are not known

# Series of on-camera Remote Viewing videos

Exploratory / practice / training sessions done live on camera.

# Classroom videos

# Further examples of Remote Viewing

In addition to the videos above, the following sections include partial or entire sessions (and some reports) involving the practical application of RV, with varying degrees of feedback and detail. See also Daz Smith's 8 Martinis magazine (opens new window), IRVA's Aperture (opens new window) and TKR (opens new window) threads and archives. For examples of Associative Remote Viewing (ARV), see the ARV section.

# Practice and student examples

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