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How One20+ became RemoteViewing.link

In the heady days of 2006 (or 2008), Jon Knowles resolved to collect the Internet's finest, most useful, and most credible resources on remote viewing all in one convenient place. Then, he looked down on what he had done, and saw that it was good. He named it One20+ (or 120+), and diligently updated and maintained it for fifteen years. (That is a century, in Internet years.)

One20+ was a simple website, built for speed. Content was king, not bells and whistles.

At the tail end of 2020, a year that started and ended so many things, Jon came to a decision. It was time to hand over the reins, and the responsibility, to new caretakers. He sent out a call across the digital landscape. Would any step up to the challenge?

From three corners of the globe answered Nykotar, Coral Carte, and Grin Spickett, to start. They would volunteer as an international team to take 120+ into the next decade.

Nykotar has re-implemented the site with a modern look and new features, without sacrificing speed.

Coral brings two decades of remote viewing, intuitive experience, and community relationships, to help discover and curate websites and resources.

No one is really sure what Grin is doing.

And Jon remains active for now, in an advisory role, here but not here. Kind of like Obi Wan Kenobi, one with the Force.

The tough decision was made to retire the name "One20+," to give the site its own domain and web presence, separate from Jon's ongoing projects. Whatever the new site would be called should reflect its purpose and function. One hasty decision later, the site is reborn, and Remoteviewing.link has risen from its ashes like a phoenix.

In addition, we paid our lives' savings to a highfalutin Manhattan ad agency, up on the one thousandth floor of some giant skyscraper. (They think they're so much better than us.) We asked them for a logo that embodied everything that One20+ was, so it would never be forgotten.

They gave us, uh, this.


Meet Arvee, the Remoteviewing.link mascot. All of our funds were spent on the design, and we couldn't afford consumer testing, but we think the kids will like it.

We hope that every time you see Arvee, you will remember One20+ and its fine legacy, which we preserve here.

Arvee's face, astounded from what it has seen, is made up of letters and symbols from the old name. The curly brackets provide shape to its head, and represent, the ad execs say, the "set" of links that made up the site.

We are seeking negotiations to sell it to Disney, but we are open to other offers.

Last Updated: 11/4/2021, 5:50:28 PM